Self-care for Mental Health

Our mental and emotional constitution or Manas Prakruti is essential for a healthy mind. The three gunas: Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas in our mental constitution has a profound effect on our emotional and mental being. Sattwa represents the virtues of love, patience and harmony, when someones displays these qualities is known a Sattwaic personality. Rajas is predominantly anger, irritability, greed and violence, when a person displays these traits is said to have a Rajasic personality. Tamas, on the other hand represents lethargy, depressive and selfishness, if someone displays these characteristics is known as Tamasic personality. When Sattwa the quality of love and harmony is predominant, it makes for the correct balance of the other three gunas.

Walking in nature, sitting by the water to purify senses.

We can alter our state of mind or Manas Prarkruti through our mental processes, actions, diet, herbs and lifestyle. Ayurveda way of living advocates for love, faith, peace and non-violence. Ayurveda recommends a code of physical conduct (Svasthavitta) and virtuous qualities (Sdavritta).

Ayurvedic recommendations includes: