Benefits of Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera is also known as the “Lily of the Desert” or “Kumari”, from the Indian language, meaning young unmarried girl / virgin. Aloe vera or Kumari is said to restore and renew female nature. The origins of this succulent plant dates back to B.C. times in the Arabian Peninsula. The plant grows in semi-tropical climates worldwide under very hot and arid lands. The benefits of these ancient popular plants are undeniable and its amazing healing properties.

When I was young, I regularly noticed my mom using Aloe vera for many uses, to moisturize skin, to heal sunburns and diaper rash and many other possibilities. Later, as I studied the holistic medicine of Ayurveda, this plant is revered for its anti-inflammatory, digestive, probiotic, diuretic, and rejuvenating qualities. The main part of the plant used are the leaves which contains the oily, sticky gel. It is bitter in taste, but the post-digestive flavour is sweet with a cooling energy, meaning it acts as a refrigerant cooling the body.


  1. TO REDUCE INFLAMMATION: The clear mucilaginous gel has a cooling and soothing action in the body. The gel mixed with water helps to alleviate problems with excess of heat and inflammation. It helps in the reduction of excess pitta dosha (which controls digestion / inflammation, metabolism, including hormones that cause irritability and being self-critical).

  2. FOR DIGESTION: Aloe vera is a good, bitter tonic. Aloe juice enhances the secretions of digestives enzymes, balances stomach acids, aids in digestion and regulates sugar and fat metabolism.