Bridging Suffering & Compassion

Is suffering an innate part of the human experience?

During this past year, we have experienced different degrees of suffering, suppression, loss, grief, anxiety, sadness, depression, anger or a combination of all of the above. Arriving into this planet via the painful and holy act of birth can be considered the beginning of the act of suffering. The last 12 months, we have felt an immense feeling of “global suffering” which is a different kind of sorrow we may have experienced alone, with family or as a community. This fact has impacted humanity, bringing us together beyond race and traditions, including socioeconomic status and gender differences; something that this generation hasn’t ever lived before.

Historically, after war, famine, holocaust or pandemic, society feels a deep sense of loss which brings on austerity, lack of identity, beliefs, and habits of what we once knew. This can bring new opportunities to start over again, such as beginning a new life by going back to school or changing a career path; a new vision of how to adapt to an ever evolving new world.

Can pain be nourishing?

We can agree that this unexpected pause in the global community has made us detour from our attention to our inner life. Your spiritual life is as important, if not more rich than our external life, because it happens exclusively to us. Nobody can feel, connect, see, smell, touch and taste the flavour of your own inner landscape better than you. At times, our inner life can be nourished by conflict and deep sorrow once we accept ourselves to move forward when the stormy weather has passed.

Struggles from anxiety and/or depression are an unexpected ways to process something that you no longer need. This could be an opportunity to release an old part of your identity that has come to an end and is asking for your permission for a transition to occur. If we look at anxiety and depression as strong mental states and not as disorders, the challenges that present itself can teach us resolution and healing in order to continue in our evolutionary path on Earth.