Learn To Practise In Challenging Times

It’s been over a century since the planet last experienced a pandemic. During these uncertain times, I found it punishing to start this blog. In spite of not feeling 100% with our internal and external worlds, I found a way for my practise to continue. Instead of focusing on what we cannot do, I chose to write about what we can do. Read below on how you can offer yourself words of inspiration for better planning in this new year.

Like any stressors, being in the midst of a global crisis can bring on different struggles, including lack of focus to any day-to-day activity. These challenges can also bring on physical struggles such as losing your temper quicker or reducing your tolerance levels. The following steps will assist in how to continue your practise to ease and overcome the course of challenging times.

Always begin by being gentle with yourself. While learning new steps, allow yourself to take breaks - as many as you feel you need.

  1. First, allow yourself to think and bring to the forefront of your mind a situation that causes you