Reconcile With Peace In The Middle Of An Uncertain World

Before the pandemic, I thought I was in control of my life and all the events leading up to now. But I felt the world collapse with the pandemic hit. Like many of us, reality struck me hard; living with unaware and invisible threats interwoven in this universe that we share collectively.

What is uncertainty?

Uncertainty is a state of unknown or unexplored; a state of doubt on what the results might be. This emotion is associated with fear in the human experience.

For example, think of a situation that you faced where you had no control of the outcome, such as moving to a newcountry. For myself, when I first moved to Canada from Colombia, I had no idea what the school and classmates would be like. I had no idea what my host family’s cultural background would be. After a few weeks, I found my way into a new culture, ready to explore, learn and grow, not only professionally but as a total human experience. I welcomed and immersed myself